Friday, April 13, 2012

Conclusion: Part 1

Wednesday: first we went to the Ming Tomb, the largest tomb in China. We also visited the Confucius temple which was beautiful. I convinced some friends and we started our American food journey. After two bags of Lays potatoes chips, I was simply on cloud 9. We then went to the crystal shop where I had high expectations, yet they were not met. But it was still beautiful with crystal globes. We then continued our American food journey by eating Mc Donalds for lunch. Took a pit stop at the hotel for ladies to change their outfits. At the temple after lunch we had some free time to shop and had our last Chinese meal. AMEN. Most people showered, packed and hit the sack when we got to the hotel and our small hopes for a piazza party were crushed when the pizza place closed at 10 or so, unheard of in America, so we fell asleep.

Travel day was bittersweet. We said bye to Ingrid, our tour guide who I really liked. Our 13 hour flight flew by, haha puns, most people slept the whole time. The five hour layover was not as painful as expected. As soon as I sat down on the plane for Cleveland, I knocked out and the next thing I knew we were landing in Cleveland. It was so nice to see everyone greet their families. I hope everyone got home safely, when I saw my mom I started crying. I missed her so much :) Hi Ma, love you :)
I cant wait to write part two,  downloaded my pictures to a website and connect it here. Keep checking the blog for the final post with remember whens and meal descriptions and fun.
'And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free'

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