Tuesday, April 10, 2012


great wall!


What. A. Day. So much traveling, good for me because I was able to sit and close my eyes while dozing off to my ipod, but a two hour trip to the country side, hour or more in the heat ( we were told to wear long sleeves and pants today) two hour trip back, shopping at a silk factory and then straight on the bullet train to Nanjing. Nan means south and jing means capital. A leisure day ahead of us thank goodness! Tomorrow we are visiting a ming dynasty tomb, I think, a crystal shop and will be back at the hotel around 4 for some free time and relaxation. This hotel is very nice I just took the most awesome shower and have wifi in our rooms for once.

Health update: after a long day of pepto bismal, anti diarrea tablets and prayers to Mother Mary, I feel my appetite again and am slowly feeling better. Taylor feels pretty rough still, no one got sick today but a few people are catching head colds. We are happy to finally be here in Nanjing and are looking forward to being home, however not our 14 hour flight and 5 hour lay over in Chicago.

Rose, all Ive eaten here has been...drumroll please...Chicken. Ma the only form of chicken I will want to have when I get back is chicken noodle soup and the chicken encheladas hint hint wink wink. :)
Mary Jane. I am calling you during my layover expect a call from me Friday night.
Xoxo goodnight Nanjing!!!