Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8

Good morning!
Easter Sunday, what a busy busy day!
Woke up,  packed our bags and had a small prayer service. On the road again. First we went to the PANDA ZOO!!!!!!! We saw four pandas and they were adorable! So cute! We took a city tour and took rickshaw rides 2x2. Broke for lunch then went to the Forbidden city, Tiananmen Square and the Imperial garden. It was so huge and beautiful and huge! We then went to Jingshan park which overlooks the Forbidden city and Tiananmen Square. That was such a beautiful sight. Exhausted, we went to a Chinese doctor and they evaluated us by feeling our pulse and looking at our tongue. We also were able to get a 10 minute massage,  man did that feel like God was working his fingers on all of us. Then we said goodbye yo Beijing and went to the airport for our flight to Shanghai. We are safe in Shanghai and have a nicer hotel. We have a big day ahead so I'm going to get ready. More photos to come tonight when we get back to the hotel. Happy Easter everyone!!!

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