Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 2 and 3

Day 2, Friday.
Breakfast food shock, nothing like American food. First, we went to
the water cube and birds nest. SO COOL. Asian friends came up and
asked if they could take pictures with us, too cute. Lunch was
different, unusual. Our first experience of Chinese public restrooms.
They serve 1 liter of coke and sprite at every meal. I was feeling
very selective, tried things and didnt try some things. Next we went
to a pearl store, MOTHER OF PEARL is what I will use to describe our
shopping experiences. Very pushy, and yet convincing. Summer palace
was next, we had a public Tai Chi lesson and locals hopped in and took
pictures of us exercising. How zen. We took a boat over the man-made
lake, walked down a long corridor with paintings. By the time dinner
came around, all of us were ready to pass out. Everyone hit the sack
as soon as we returned to the hotel

Day 3, Saturday.
Breakfast was similar to the breakfast before, we now know what things
are better than the other. Too bad this is our last night at this
hotel.Woke up early, some people were feeling a little sick. Today we
went to the GREAT WALL OF CHINA! On our trip there we stopped at a
Jade store, $$$, then directly to the great wall. It was AMAZING. So
beautiful, such a work out. A group of girls and I went up as high as
we could in the hour and 15 minutes we had to explore. On the way down
the great wall my legs were shaking so bad, I couldn't stop because I
was afraid I would collapse. Lunch today was probably the best meal I
have had so far on this trip. It was in the middle of an enameling
store, every store is set up the same way. The vendors give you a
demonstration of the product, then you are guided into a huge room
with so many different options of products. Crazy. Afterwards we went
to the Ming Tomb, 13 out of the 16 emperors are burried there. Lastly
we ate peking duck for dinner and have returned back to the hotel.
Happy Easter everyone! Hopefully our next hotel has wifi and then I
will be able to upload pictures to my blog!
Ta ta for now!