Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day one

We made it! Landed safely, met our tour guide Ingrid and went straight
to our hotel. So far we have woken up, are eating breakfast and
leaving at 10 to tour Beijing. There are a few changes in the
itinerary that I will update later tonight when we arrive back at the
hotel, but so far everyone is safe and feeling pretty good.
Fun Facts: Beijing and Nanjing are two out of the 6 ancient cities in
China. Shanghai is the most modern city we will be staying at so we
will see jurastic differences between the three cities we will be
staying in.
My Chinese is slowly improving, I sat next to Ms. Liu during my
Chicago flight and know how to count to 10!
I am so excited for what today brings, we are going to a palace,
shopping and a Kung Fu show at night. I will write more later tonight!