Monday, April 9, 2012

Bad news

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From: Laura K <>
Sent: Mon Apr 09 05:54:43 EDT 2012
Subject: Bad news

From: Laura K <>
Sent: Mon Apr 09 05:51:10 EDT 2012
Subject: Bad news

I always knew I had a bad stomach, but this just breaks my heart and mind. Taylor and I are both sick, left the tour and went back to the hotel early. I feel so crappy and homesick because I am half way around the world sick and without my mom. Hi ma, I miss you a lot. I cant wait to see you when I get home, I will probably cry like I am now. I think this is a combination of not enough sleep and eating the same things 2 out of 3 meals a day. And all of the fried food. I hope. I keep praying to God and please if you're reading this say a prayer for us girls out here that we maintain good health, that Taylor, Mrs Schuetz and I feel better so so soon and that we all have safe bus rides, train rides and flights that will take us one step closer to home.


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